Burger Preferences Depend on Gender

I like avocado on my burger, he prefers jalapenos.  A new study article published in Prepared Foods says it’s all linked to gender. Technomic asked 1500 Americans about their burger preferences, and the results are intriguing. Men prefer smoky and charred flavors while women tend to prefer the healthier option… grilling. No surprise there! I’m always telling Carter not to burn or char the meats.  If your restaurant is looking to attract men, try a flame-broiled burger topped with bacon, onions, mushrooms, chili, and jalapeno peppers (okay, maybe you shouldn’t mix in the chili). For the ladies, try something a little healthier sounding like a grilled burger with lettuce, tomato, and avocado. The nutrition analysis will definitely look better on the women’s burger. Check out the trends by reading the full article on burger preferences based on gender.