Can Your Restaurant Improve Its Menu?

A recent article in Restaurant Management has some fresh ideas for your Dallas restaurant’s menu. There’s a little paragraph about each of points below, so be sure to read the whole article:

 1. Give chefs autonomy

2. Take a walk on the wild side and hire a forager

3. Produce your own ingredients

4. Look to the Far East for inspiration

5. Give your diners health information and healthy choices – (aka menu labeling and nutrition analysis)

6. Think twice before you jump on the food truck bandwagon

7. Shrink your dishes and expand your menu

It seems like the trend for 2012 is variety, new innovations, and healthy menu options. Ethnic food is the biggest trend, so be sure to think about that too. While your restaurant may not be able to do everything on the list, Evaluate the Plate can sure help with menu labeling, portion sizes, and incorporating some unique foods.