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  • Company Cafe

    Company Cafe

    Company Cafe, located right here in Dallas, is a restaurant after my own heart! They do their best to purchase all-local, organic foods to use in their menu items. Started in 2011, they have been paving the way for more health- & environment- conscious restaurants to make an impact on the local Dallas market. I […]

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  • How Many Calories in Crawfish?

    Calories in Crawfish

    It’s crawfish season! I’ve already been to a few boils myself this year and I was curious how any calories I was really eating. Or, rather, how much everyone else was eating… Crawfish are freshwater crustaceans and abundant in the swamps and marshes of south Louisiana. Sometimes they are also called crayfish.  6 to 7 […]

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  • Can Your Restaurant Improve Its Menu?

    A recent article in Restaurant Management has some fresh ideas for your Dallas restaurant’s menu. There’s a little paragraph about each of points below, so be sure to read the whole article:  1. Give chefs autonomy 2. Take a walk on the wild side and hire a forager 3. Produce your own ingredients 4. Look […]

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  • A Penny for a Calorie

    Penny Per Calorie

    A Penny for a Calorie Now this is a great promotion for your restaurant if you’re going to incorporate menu labeling! A restaurant in Portland, Oregon, placed all of its menu items on sale for a penny per calorie. What a great marketing idea! As a short term campaign, this may be what you need […]

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  • Sandwiches: Convenience, Comfort, & Health

    Healthy Sandwich

    Sandwiches: Convenience, Comfort, & Health Customers are making some contradictory demands lately. With busy lifestyles, customers are asking for convenience foods that are also comfort foods and/or healthy. Seems impossible to meet, right? Well, not with the lowly sandwich! Well, I’m grouping a few other items in as “sandwiches” such as burgers, tacos, and paninis. […]

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  • Adding Flavor to Your Menu

    Last week I told restaurateurs about how ethnic foods are going to be a big trend for 2012. You may be wondering how your restaurant can add new flavors without completely changing your menu. Sauces. Plain and simple. Sauces can add a whole new dynamic to your menu items with minimal effort by kitchen staff. […]

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  • A New Year for Nutrition Analysis

    Menu Labeling

    Happy New Year! Here at Evaluate the Plate, we’ve have a very busy December. We moved office spaces, and the last box is now unpacked. So it’s time to get to work. Hopefully you’ve made your new years resolutions and maybe one of them is for your restaurant to make a difference in your city’s […]

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  • Carbon Footprint as Part of Menu Labeling?

    Carbon Footprint

    I read an article from The Food Channel about restaurants listing the full carbon footprint of menu items as part of their menu labeling system. What do you guys think about this? The article suggested it was “Too Much Information”, but I’m curious if consumers are REALLY interested in that type of info and if […]

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  • Hannah’s Off the Square in Denton, TX

    Fried Green Tomato Sandwich

      Hannah’s Off the SquareHannah’s Off the Square is a gem among terrible restaurants in Denton, TX.  If you live in Denton, you know that finding a decent, non-chain restaurant can be a major challenge. I lived there for two years during grad school, and I had two favorites.  And I wouldn’t describe them as […]

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  • Calzones Bigger Than Your Head

    Rocco’s Pizza and Pasta in Uptown is a no-frills, eat-in pizzeria with BYOB. And with a liquor store next door, you conveniently have a wide selection of wines to pair with your favorite pizza, pasta, or calzone. Carter and I ventured to Uptown to grab a calzone after a busy day. He wasn’t kidding when […]

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