Chain Restaurants Out Do Menu Labeling Requirements

An article in the LA Times reported that some large chain restaurants are going above and beyond when it comes to menu labeling. These restaurants are including additional information on their menus, like allergen statements or warnings, and even whether items area really vegetarian.  One example that the article mention was Chipotle now states that it’s beans are made with bacon. If your religious beliefs prevent you from eating pork, this may come as a shock.  Other restaurants are stating that their non-meat soups or dishes are made with chicken stock or flavorings – this puts a real damper on the situation for vegetarians. While menu labeling will be required sometime next year for these big chains, they are trying to put their best foot forward to gain customer loyalty. By disclosing all possibly concerning information, the public can make better informed decisions. For most of the population, this is only going to look like clutter on the menu, but for those who would choose (or need) to stick to a specific diet, this could be extremely beneficial.

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Click here to read the full article on restaurant nutritional disclosures from the LA times.