Menu Labeling for Small- to Mid- Sized Restaurants

Menu Labeling Calories for Restaurants

Menu Labeling for Small- to Mid- Sized Restaurants

Restaurants with fewer than 20 locations can still provide nutrition information for their customers. These small restaurants may actually see more of the benefits of menu labeling than the major chains. They have the option of participating in the FDA’s Voluntary Menu Labeling Program or providing nutrition information on a small selection of menu items.

FDA’s Voluntary Menu Labeling Program

By participating the FDA’s Voluntary Menu Labeling Program, smaller restaurants can have the same protection offered to restaurants participating in mandatory menu labeling. At the same time, smaller restaurants can opt-out of any local or state menu labeling regulations by complying with federal regulations. This is great because smaller restaurants can take full advantage of the protection offered by the FDA!

Niche Restaurants

In recent years, niche restaurants have been increasing in popularity. Examples include all-organic, low carbon footprint, healthy, vegan, and vegetarian restaurants. For these restaurants, menu labeling may appeal to a higher percentage of their customer base. By providing full-disclosure, these restaurants can increase customer loyalty. We’ve already talked about the benefits of menu labeling. These niche restaurants may see a higher ROI on menu labeling in the long run.

Smaller Healthy Menu

Many restaurants are incorporating a section on their menu dedicated to healthier menu options. This is a perfect place to incorporate menu labeling where the ROI will be the greatest. Customers who have health concerns will be able to make an informed decision about their food choices. These menu items can be formulated to reduce food cost while increasing profit margins.

For example, restaurants are choosing to revamp or introduce 5 healthy menu items. These might be included on the menu or they might be part of a special menu that can be printed separately. Added a few new dishes doesn’t mean you have to reprint all of your menus!

Cost of Menu Labeling

Many small to mid sized restaurants biggest concern – how much is this going to run me? Don’t despair! There are a few companies out there that prefer working with the mom and pop shops and small-chains. They may be able to offer deeper discounts, installment payment options, and a face-to-face experience. Are you part of your local Restaurant Association? Ask to see if that will get you another discount!

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