Michelle Obama Helps Improve Food Deserts

An article in the Chicago Tribune was release today about Michelle Obama’s efforts to reduce food deserts. If you can’t tell, I’m a big supporter of the First Lady. Her efforts to reduce obesity (especially in children) and make nutritious food more available for all have caught this dietitian’s eye. This time she will be in Chicago to visit a new Walgreens prototype that has been expanded to carry fresh produce and grocery staples.

In case you are wondering “what is a food desert?”… a food desert is an area where there are few grocery stores or fresh produce available. For those living in these areas, it can be difficult to get anything other than convenience foods. Why? Most of these food deserts are in low-income areas or very rural areas where people don’t have readily available transportation or the nearest grocery store is a 30 minute drive.

After the Walgreens trip, she will go to Growing Power, a company focused on ensuring communities have access to healthy food.  A previous press release from July stated her partnership with several other companies as well, like Wal-Mart, to provide access to healthy, nutritious foods to these food desserts. So we should be hearing more good news in the future.

Good job, Mrs. Obama. Let’s do lunch sometime. I wish!