Other Menu Services

In addition to menu labeling and nutrition analysis, Evaluate the Plate also provides services such as menu consultation, nutrition facts labels, CN Labels ,diabetic exchanges, food allergen statements, food claims and servings of fruits and vegetables. We also offer food styling, food photography and staff nutrition training for restaurants located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

We can provide expert consultation for changing current recipes to healthier options or the addition of new recipes. We offer face-to-face menu consultations for restaurants located in Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding cities.

With the rise in diabetes, catering to those with diabetes can bring in new customers. Evaluate the plate can provide a listing of exchanges for diabetic customers. These can easily be added to your menu or other menu marketing materials.

Food allergies have also become more common in recent years. You can easily answer questions for customers with food allergies with a food allergen brochure or indications on the menu. This also helps staff stay informed for customers with special needs.

Food claims such as “fat-free” or “reduced sodium” can catch customers’ eyes, especially those on special diets. These can be easily added to menu items and we guarantee FDA compliance.

Other Nutrition Services

If you need other nutrition projects, just contact us! We have experience in other areas such as:

  • Nutrition talk or speaking events
  • Nutrition education for your employees (restaurant and non-restaurant)
  • Employee health and wellness programs
  • Nutrition and Health graphic design
  • Restaurant and Food photography & food styling
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