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  • Menu Labeling for Small- to Mid- Sized Restaurants

    Menu Labeling Calories for Restaurants

    Menu Labeling for Small- to Mid- Sized Restaurants Restaurants with fewer than 20 locations can still provide nutrition information for their customers. These small restaurants may actually see more of the benefits of menu labeling than the major chains. They have the option of participating in the FDA’s Voluntary Menu Labeling Program or providing nutrition […]

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  • Proposal to Ban Soft Drinks in NYC

    Sodas Banned in NYC Restaurants

    New York City plans to ban soda sales at restaurants and movie theaters. Well, okay, not ALL soda sales, just sugary drinks over the size of 16oz (2 cups, in case you were wondering). This would not apply to any diet beverages. The proposal was put forth by NYC mayor Michael Bloomburg. Bloomburg’s argues that […]

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  • Colorado’s Smart Meal Program offers Nutrition Analysis to Restaurants

    The Smart Meal program, created by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, has established nutrition requirements for restaurants who wish to participate in the program. They also provide nutrition analysis for these restaurants. They are already boasting some pretty big names like McDonalds and Jason’s Deli! In return for participating, each menu item […]

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