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  • Adding Flavor to Your Menu

    Last week I told restaurateurs about how ethnic foods are going to be a big trend for 2012. You may be wondering how your restaurant can add new flavors without completely changing your menu. Sauces. Plain and simple. Sauces can add a whole new dynamic to your menu items with minimal effort by kitchen staff. […]

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  • Portion Sizes – Out of Control

    Yesterday I read an article about how New York has put up an ad that calls attention to huge portion sizes and the obesity of the city’s people. This got me thinking about portion sizes, consumer demands, and health trends in Dallas. Obviously, I’m a supporter for providing nutrition info to customers, but can consumer […]

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  • Cheech and Chong’s Magic Brownies

    I ran across this in a magazine a couple months ago and I finally had a few minutes to share with everyone. If you’re trying to increase your fiber and have a good time doing it, then you should watch this clip from Fiber-One to promote their new brownies. Enjoy! Just for your info, nutrition […]

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  • Weight Loss in the White House

    My favorite First Lady does it again! She has inspired many White House staff to make healthier eating habits and increase exercise.  We’ve all heard the old saying “never trust a skinny chef”, but Mrs. Obama is changing that too! Four of the White House culinary staff have lost 110lbs so far. They claim she […]

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  • Fazoli’s does Nutrition Analysis


    The Italian fast food restaurant is changing it’s menu to attract some of the health conscious consumers.  Fazoli’s is adding several menu items under 400 calories! In addition, they are also providing whole-grain pasta for some of their dishes. Fazoli’s will soon have to participate in menu labeling, so they are getting a head start […]

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  • Chain Restaurants Out Do Menu Labeling Requirements

    An article in the LA Times reported that some large chain restaurants are going above and beyond when it comes to menu labeling. These restaurants are including additional information on their menus, like allergen statements or warnings, and even whether items area really vegetarian.  One example that the article mention was Chipotle now states that […]

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  • Colorado’s Smart Meal Program offers Nutrition Analysis to Restaurants

    The Smart Meal program, created by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, has established nutrition requirements for restaurants who wish to participate in the program. They also provide nutrition analysis for these restaurants. They are already boasting some pretty big names like McDonalds and Jason’s Deli! In return for participating, each menu item […]

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  • Burger Preferences Depend on Gender

    I like avocado on my burger, he prefers jalapenos.  A new study article published in Prepared Foods says it’s all linked to gender. Technomic asked 1500 Americans about their burger preferences, and the results are intriguing. Men prefer smoky and charred flavors while women tend to prefer the healthier option… grilling. No surprise there! I’m […]

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  • Menu Labeling for Convenience Stores?

    Convenience Store

    Menu labeling for chain restaurants will be mandatory in the near future, but what about other food establishments like convenience food stores? Many convenience stores are part of a larger chain like 7-11, Quick Trip, Allsup’s, or Race Trac. This would make them fall under the “20 chains or more” clause of the Affordable Care […]

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  • Bread Winners Loves Evaluate the Plate

    Bread Winners Cafe in Dallas, TX (Uptown)

    Bread Winners Cafe located in Dallas (Uptown & Inwood Village) and Plano, TX was a thrill to work with! With a unique atmosphere, great outdoor seating, and scrumptious food, they have become a Dallas household name. Because they are known for their brunch and bakery items, you may not exactly think of them as a […]

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