• Health Care Costs for Restaurants May Not Be So Bad

    As most restaurant owners know by now, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 requires most businesses to provide employees with health care options. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, one major restaurant chain is estimating that this added cost won’t be so much! Initially, Wendy’s had estimated an additional […]

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  • Should Your Pizza Get a Makeover?

    Pizza Menu Labling

    Many restaurants take advantage of pizza for it’s versatility.You can top it with just about any sauce and throw some cheese and toppings and viola! you have a “pizza”. Not only that, most of it is bread, so the cost is usually low. Consumers are looking for just that! According to Prepared Foods, customers are looking […]

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  • Menu Labeling for Small- to Mid- Sized Restaurants

    Menu Labeling Calories for Restaurants

    Menu Labeling for Small- to Mid- Sized Restaurants Restaurants with fewer than 20 locations can still provide nutrition information for their customers. These small restaurants may actually see more of the benefits of menu labeling than the major chains. They have the option of participating in the FDA’s Voluntary Menu Labeling Program or providing nutrition […]

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  • 3 Ways to Implement Menu Labeling

    Now that you’ve learn What Is Menu Labeling, the next step is determining the best method for your restaurant to implement menu labeling! In order to accurately display nutrition information, nutrition analysis must be completed on each menu item. The results from the nutrition analysis can then be formatted to be displayed as menu labeling. […]

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  • 3 Tips for Avoiding GMOs on Your Menu

    3 Tips for Avoiding GMOs on Your Menu There has been a lot of controversy over GMOs in the general food supply recently. While restaurants have not seen a huge demand for non-GMO menu items… it’s coming! So what can you do to avoid GMOs on your menu? Here’s a few tips: 1. Check the […]

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  • 5 Ways to Reduce Sodium at Your Restaurant

    Salt & Pepper

    With the new menu labeling law, many restaurants fear that high sodium and fat levels will drive away their customers. There is hope! Even if your restaurant’s menu items are high in sodium and fat, there are ways to combat the issue. Today, we are going to focus on sodium. Fat will be another day […]

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  • Menu Labeling: The Green Light Special

    Menu Labeling - Green Light

    Menu Labeling: The Green Light Special A recent study by Oklahoma State University (OSU) on menu labeling may have some insight into the most effective way to reach customers and reduce their calorie intake. Many recent studies have indicated that there are minimal benefits to menu labeling. However, this study from OSU indicates that maybe […]

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  • Cutting Toys to Cut Calories

    Cutting Toys to Cut Calories Obesity trends have been a major focus in the last few years. It has brought about a lot of changes like menu labeling, health care reform, and even consumer demands for healthy options. I recently read an article about how a county in California is cutting toys that are given […]

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  • Adding Flavor to Your Menu

    Last week I told restaurateurs about how ethnic foods are going to be a big trend for 2012. You may be wondering how your restaurant can add new flavors without completely changing your menu. Sauces. Plain and simple. Sauces can add a whole new dynamic to your menu items with minimal effort by kitchen staff. […]

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  • Menu Labeling: Are Small Restaurants Interested?

    Menu Labeling: Are Small Restaurants Interested? The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released an article about menu labeling and small restaurants in the Los Angeles California area. Are these restaurants really interested in changing their menu and menu labeling? The answer is yes! And the most exciting part about it – they saw profits! In today’s […]

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