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  • Benefits of Menu Labeling

    Menu Labeling for Turkey Burger

    The menu labeling laws were put into place with a goal to reduce obesity rates. That’s all good and wonderful that the FDA is making an effort to fight the obesity epidemic. But what does that mean to restaurants? Just more costs? Contrary to what you may be thinking, there are other major benefits. Consumer […]

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  • What Is Menu Labeling?

    Menu Labeling Calories for Restaurants

    There is a lot of confusion about menu labeling and compliance. This is the first of a series of blog posts to help clear up the confusion! Here you’ll learn about menu labeling, requirements, and exclusions. Other topics to come include how to implement menu labeling, benefits of menu labeling, how to overcome negative perspectives, […]

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  • Restaurants Hit by the Recession

    Restaurant Hit by Recession

    According to the NPD Group, the number of restaurants have been on the decline from 2008-2011. This report indicates that 2.1 billion restaurants closed their doors over this time period. Chain restaurants have been holding fast, while independent restaurants are taking the hit. The current economy is the obvious choice to blame for this decline, […]

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  • Proposal to Ban Soft Drinks in NYC

    Sodas Banned in NYC Restaurants

    New York City plans to ban soda sales at restaurants and movie theaters. Well, okay, not ALL soda sales, just sugary drinks over the size of 16oz (2 cups, in case you were wondering). This would not apply to any diet beverages. The proposal was put forth by NYC mayor Michael Bloomburg. Bloomburg’s argues that […]

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  • Carbon Footprint as Part of Menu Labeling?

    Carbon Footprint

    I read an article from The Food Channel about restaurants listing the full carbon footprint of menu items as part of their menu labeling system. What do you guys think about this? The article suggested it was “Too Much Information”, but I’m curious if consumers are REALLY interested in that type of info and if […]

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